Offspace is an online exhibition space, creating a critical discussion about new media and digital culture.

All shows are visible via the website 24/7, for inquires please contact us at

Offspace is digitally curated by Maxime Van Melkebeke. All shows are the result of a creative dialogue between the artists, the curator, the audience and the space. is a curatorial project founded by art enthusiast Maxime Van Melkebeke. Offspace is not just a website, but rather a new multimedia curatorial framework and exhibition space. Using web-based streaming platforms, Van Melkebeke live-broadcasts exhibitions on the project’s website to a global audience, eliminating the need for the physical presence of the viewer in order to experience the work or gallery space. By combining communities through technology, a larger art audience can be reached, and new dialogues can be formed between viewer and artist.

The mediation of the artwork through the camera and the intervention of live streaming in a physical space creates a unique one-on-one experience that viewers rarely have in traditional galleries. Viewers are presented with a surveillance camera feed that surveys the space where the art is presented, and are left questioning what happened before they tuned in, what is happening while they view, and what will happen after they’ve stopped looking.

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